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All DVD Reviews [16] DVD Review - Last Updated - Thursday, August 8, 2002
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Disc 1
Directors Commentary
DVD-ROM Special Features
Exclusive Access to movie production
Game demo screensaver

Disc 2

20 min spotlight location
The Rock Scorpion King Interview
Egyptology 201
The Mummy Returns Chamber Of Doom
Music Video
Visual & Special Effects
Special Effects



Aspect Ratio:

Sound Tracks
Dolby Digital 5.1
Pro Logic
DTS 5.1
PCM Stereo

2 UK & Europe

Running Time:
124 min

DVD Media:
Disk 1 - Dual Layer DVD-9
Disk 2 - Single Layer DVD-5

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The Mummy Returns (Special Edition)

The Mummy was such a spectacular hit, mixing comedy with a lot of mummy action, and with some mild drama to boot. The Mummy Returns is probably just another sequel made purely for the profits of the dying out popularity of the first. However The Mummy Returns gives all the action of the first with a brand new plot and story, one so unusual that it might make you wonder about the authenticity of the film. Not that the movie lacks anything new, it does, but it lacks the initial impact the original gave us. You can realise this with how popular the first was compared to the second. The whole mummy thing seems used up too much.

That doesn't stop Universal to remake the original's placid characters with a little location alteration, and a new theme for the whole movie make it slightly different. Still it doesn't cover up the old feel of the idea and logic behind the mystrious mummy sage. As the lead character Rich O'Connell explains as his wife questions him about what will happen if the mummy is regiven life, the reply, "it'll destroy the world", "how did you know", "I didn't, it's always the story".

The action sequences are rather dull too, some indiana effects are in there too, and the mummy effects looks great. The swordsmen are back from the first, but this time we see them in London, and the effect of them running along the streets chasing a double decker bus, crawling along the walls of stores and museums, is another well done action shot. The ending is also full of niceties, like the gigantic scorpian, and its massive body, which make the final few minutes of action exciting. You can also expect to see a wall of water and some decent gun fire too.

Video Quality

Presented in an anamorphically enhanced 2.35:1 aspect ratio, the movie follows the original master, with a slight red hue to the transfer. Noise levels are remote, and any artefacts have been sucessfully dealt with. Colours as said, are slightly enhanced to give a warmer look, the night shots have a decent amount of lighting, and the bright desert looks brilliant. Detail levels are okay, there is some softness to edges, and in some scenes, near the beginning of the movie, seem a little out of focus.

The lighting of the movie is reliant on much natural light, which makes a lot of difference, although some night shots seem to have been brightened up slightly. A lot of the camera shots are upclose, using the zoom on the camera, rather than following closer, in some way this makes the environments like the Home of the O'Connell which looks a little tight, I would like a much wider shot of these areas, which give the viewer a better idea of the area.

Audio Quality

The surround mix on The Mummy Returns is very bold, the music score is amazingly good, with big bass trumpets and drums which give a really good sound. The dynamic range of the soundtrack is pretty even, the vocals are pretty low, and they are quite falt. The action effects with gunfire are very crisp and artificial. Such as the gun being loaded, which sort of sounds like it has been added in post.

Surround sound action features a good set of Dolby Digital DTS and a PCM soundtrack. The rear speakers are used extensively, although not at great benifit, the front effects channels are good, and the vocals are quite centralized to the middle of the screen.


This special edition includes a bonus disc, which holds more stuff from the interviews with the cast and lots of documentaries of the locations they used to get the movie its look.


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