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All DVD Reviews [16] DVD Review - Last Updated - Thursday, August 8, 2002
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Alien 3
Alien Resurrection




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Mummy Returns, The Special Edition


Pitch Black


Resident Evil (Import)


Saving Private Ryan
Shawshank Redemtpion, The


The Cell
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Vertical Limit


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Alien Resurrection

Alien Resurrection. Could this be the end of Aliens, this was obviously a logic to earn big bucks at Fox. We all though Aliens was dead the minute the lead character dumped herself into death in Alien 3 but no, in Alien Resurrection, we see the advance in genetic manipulation go a little forward, with the idea that using the blood samples found from the said movie they can recreate the female hero and take the Alien which was impregnated with her. Unfortunately they forget themselves to look at why she did this, the reason all to clear, when there are Aliens there are corpses just about every where.

This now fourth generation of Alien movies is starting to show age, Ripley now looks about 20 years older and the the technology seemingly advancing like the last fifty years of present day. You remember in Alien we say the humble fishbowl monitors, the same for Aliens eventually capturing more advanced monitors in this movie. RememberAlien 3 didn't have many monitors.

The plot because of this new found revolution is rather unclear from the start, Ripley now less fearing of the monsters becomes a side wheel, simply running around wondering who she is. It's the effect of the alien she had which makes the movie a similar experience. At least we are treated to new environments in particular under water, makes a change from the space or planet colonies.

Video Quality

This is looking a lot warmer than the other films. The transfers from a High Definition master is good, but the quality of the image seems to be a slight blur, the tones air warm but the detail lacking. Some fine edges lack a contour, the colours are well pronounced and standout well.

There is a very good black level which gives the movie a very dark, yet mild red or orange look. The amount of artefacts or specs or dust left on the film are relatively few. The Aspect ratio of 2.35:1 is great and looks very well framed. Definitely a good looking disc.

Audio Quality

Definitely the loudest and most dynamic sounding disc of the entire collection. The action sequences come across with a lot of scale, and there are surprises with the sound track too, like an alarm which sirens of in the rear speakers - the characters realise it too. The front is well separated but dialogue well placed around the front three speakers. Crisp and clear.


These are actually pretty poor, aside from the character interviews there is a lack of any decent extras, a commentary would be nice and some image galleries. Again no ROM for us.


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